Other Environmental Works

Other Environmental Works

Other environmental issues, both natural and manmade have suggested themselves:  A plane crash into Long Island Sound leaving a ring of fire, a huge housing project that has stolen a beach, piles of cigarette butts lining a lovely road, a raging forest fire in the west, the memory of the sunset between the  twin towers, the BP oil disaster in the Gulf.

Descent of the Pelicans

Descent of the Pelicans, acrylic, 41″X26″

The Hemorrhage

The Hemorrhage, acrylic, 38″X26″

Sins of Omission

Sins of Omission, oil on canvas, 50″X50″

American Nightmare

American Nightmare, oil on paper, 30″X40″


LITTEROL/litter, oil on paper, 40″X30″

FIRE/water Oregon

FIRE/water Oregon, oil on paper, 30″X40″

After the Fall

After the Fall, oil on paper, 30″X40″