Nature Scrolls

Nature Scrolls

After 9/11 and a year of painting my interpretation of this tragic event that had also been an environmental insult, I wanted to create a body of works that was life-affirming. What better than the life cycle of butterflies, to celebrate both the value of change and the persistence of beauty. So I made these pieces that show the stages of a few species, their environment, their host plants, their gorgeous emergence. I combined my craft and sewing skills to make these light and airy 3D scrolls: studying, copying, never killing a single subject. All are mixed media: paper, plastic, molded clay, cloth.


Zebra Longwing

Zebra Longwing, 65″X27″

Costa Rica Longwings

Costa Rica Longwings, 51″X28″

White Peacock

White Peacock, 64″X27″


Monarch, 69″X27″

Florida Leafwing

Florida Leafwing, 27″X36″


Atala, 27″X36″

Pearly Crescentspot and Cloudless Sulfur

Pearly Crescentspot and Cloudless Sulfur, 27″X36″