The Feminist Works

Back in the 70s, feminism exploded. Long subdued, women artists acted out against the fact that women artists were not represented in museums or major galleries, or recognized by the then-powerful critics. So we organized, made our voices known, and it suddenly became all right to emulate Georgia O’Keeffe’s female sexual innuendo, paint in “feminine” pastel colors, even use male nudes as muses. All oil on canvas.


Emerald Blood, 58″ x 50″

Blood Orange

Blood Orange, 58″ x 50″

Sundae Painting

Sundae Painting, 72″ x 50″

Rainbow Metamorphosis

Rainbow Metamorphosis, 58″ x 50″

Sanguine Buds

Sanguine Buds, 60″ x 48″

Inner Amber

Inner Amber, 58″ x 48″

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