The Everglades

A native Floridian, Donna Marxer has always been captivated by the Everglades and distressed by environmental damage caused by mismanagement of water in what had been an almost-perfect ecological system. In 2000, the $8 billion Everglades Restoration Bill, designed to overhaul the water systems, was signed into law. The painter/activist decided that this would be a good time for artists to be included in this project and created an Artists In Residence In Everglades (AIRIE) program in Everglades National Park. In April, 2001, she became the first resident in the 28th National Parks artists residency program.

Hurrah for the Red, White and Blue

Hurrah for the Red White & Blue, oil and pastel on paper, 36″X47″

Alligator Hole I

Alligator Hole I, oil on paper, 30″ diameter

Stripping the Glades

Stripping the Glades, oil on paper, 30″X48″

The Indicator

The Indicator, oil on canvas, 30″X40″

Big Cypress

Big Cypress, oil on paper, 19″ diameter

A Delicate Balance

A Delicate Balance, oil on paper, 19″ diameter

My Everglades is Bleeding

My Everglades is Bleeding, oil on canvas, 30″X64″

Dry/wet: Whitewater Bay, oil on paper, 30″X40″